Make public foreign visit details of Sonia Gandhi: CIC to PMO

Did she and her son go to Switzerland to fix their stash of money out of reach of the Indian Govt.?


The details of foreign visits undertaken by National Advisory Council Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and expenses incurred on them should be made public, the Central Information Commission has held.


Hissar-based RTI applicant Ramesh Verma had sought to know from the PMO, information on the foreign visits of Sonia Gandhi, the costs incurred on them, benefits and purpose of these visits.


“It seems Parliamentary Affairs ministry had informed that the central government had incurred no expenditure on the foreign visits of Sonia Gandhi during the last 10 years.


“However the Cabinet Secretariat has no knowledge if any information has been given to the applicant in respect of her foreign visits as Chairperson of the National Advisory Council,” Mishra pointed out directing to provide details.


The application received by the PMO on February 26, 2010 was transferred to External Affairs Ministry on March 16, 2010 and further forwarded to Parliamentary Affairs Ministry on March 26, 2010.


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