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Ram Jethmalani exposes BJP in league with corrupt SoniaG Congress: Full text of letter to Rajnath Singh (24 pages)

Ram Jethmalani writes to Rajnath Singh, says the party has committed suicide by expelling him

Wednesday, May 29, 2013, 18:32 IST
He further added, “If you are determined to commit suicide, even the gods cannot salvage you.”
Ram Jethmalani

Ram Jethmalani

From: ram jethmalani <>

Date: 28 May 2013 9:43:18 PM IST

To: “” <>

Subject: From Ram Jethmalani

Reply-To: ram jethmalani <>

May 28, 2013

Shri Rajnath Singh Ji


Bhartiya Janta Party

38, Ashok Road,

New Delhi.

Reference:   Your letter of expulsion of 28th May, 2013.


           I have been communicated the contents of your so called order of expulsion of 28th May, 2013.  I had myself written a long letter to the Party President before leaving India on 10th May for my holidays.  There is no reference to any of my letters and the contentions therein. This itself shows that there is no cause of expulsion.

I have been out of the Party at least from 2004, if not earlier.  In 2010, the Party approached me with a request to join.  At that time, I made it very clear that the Party knows my views on all problems facing the nation.  The Party has no right to change me but I have the right to change it.

There are, doubtless, undesirable persons within the Party who are determined to destroy its image for integrity and attachment to national service.  You have not referred to the letters written even before the expulsion notice was received by me and those written on more than one occasion after the actual service of the show cause notice.  I have pointed out that disciplinary powers under the constitution are vested in the Disciplinary Committee.  You do not have a Disciplinary Committee.  Your action shows incompetence and contempt for law. I will leave you to the judgment of the nation. Of course, I will release all the letters which I have written to you time to time after the service of the show cause notice.  I had asked for some documents which are referred to in some rules of your Party. They were never supplied inspite of demand and I wanted a hearing which has been denied. If it was not my life’s mission and the only political desire left in me that the present ruling government must be knocked out, I would have certainly exposed the undesirable elements within the Party in detail.  They are helping to keep the corrupt government in power.  I do not wish to weaken the fight against the corrupt even by exposing the undesirable elements who have acquired control of the Party.

By this stupid order of expulsion, the Party has committed suicide.  It will only bring joy to our corrupt rulers and few of their corrupt collaborators within the Party. If you are determined to commit suicide, even the gods cannot salvage you.

Your reference to the appointment of the Police Commissioner is wholly irrelevant.  I believe that I have saved the country by supporting the appointment of the present Director of CBI.

I have no desire to interrupt my hard earned vacation and relaxation. I thought that the Party’s debacle in Karnataka will compel some introspection but the destroyers of the Party have won.  I am referring to those within the Party.

I will, however, decide my further course of action after assessing the response of the public and I may turn up earlier if I find it necessary.

Sincerely yours,

Ram Jethmalani

Enclosed: As Above

20 attachments:
28.11.2012 Letter to LK Advani
29.11.2012 Pages 1 to 3
26.11.2012 Pages 1 and 2
8.1.2013 Pages 1 and 2
6.5.2013 Pages 1 to 4
4.12.2012 Pages 1 to 5

My Dear Lal,                                                                Date: 28.11.2012
I have thought for days whether I should communicate with you at all. You might suspect I am influencing you to help me in saving my party membership. This is far from my mind.
I am writing this in the interest of the Party and the people of India . The nation has to be saved from our corrupt rulers and concealing truth about ourselves will only prove a disaster when it is discovered and exposed by our enemies.
I want nobody’s help in meeting this expulsion threat. I will be happy to be relieved .The party invited me to join to use my services . I have done my duty .
It is inevitable that I will expose the true character of those who have taken to the path of suicide. This might hurt you too. I think of my Rakhi Sister. I never dreamt that you will join the clique of bad characters who supported the Show Cause notice. But life is strange. I forgive your this act of ingratitude and betrayal.
You personally know that Arun Jaitley and Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar are thick friends. You know Neeraj Kumar and the arch criminal Abhishek Verma are thick as thieves. You could not have forgotten your public denunciation of him and the defamation complaint filed against you and it’s  attempted sordid settlement .
Arun Jaitley is no less  an offender than Vadra. He has a cosy relationship with him and his mother-in-law. He never speaks of Congress corruption,the black money case and the dacoits responsible for our poverty. He raises inane issues just to show he is some kind of Leader of Opposition.
Do think of all this.
                                                                             Sincerely Yours,
(Ram Jethmalani)
Sh. L.K Advani,Esq
30 Prithviraj Road ,
  New Delhi-110011













Why this secrecy over Sonia Gandhi?

“Why is it that the mainstream media (MSM) displays, what can only be termed as pusillanimity bordering on the obsequious when it comes to Sonia Gandhi?” is the question that bounces around inside my head quite often. Occasionally it lights up my amygdala.

There is a certain docile, rebarbative and delightfully ludicrous air about the MSM each timeSonia Gandhi (or one of her family members) is in the middle of a controversy. I will not get into the impressive range of controversies that have cropped up over the years, but suffice to say that each time things came to such a pass, either the clouds blew over in wondrous haste or they rained elsewhere.

What makes Sonia Gandhi go unscathed from all the mainstream media torrent? PTI.

What makes Sonia Gandhi go unscathed from all the mainstream media torrent? PTI.

A dripping wet poodle Prime Minister is what you occasionally get, as evidenced by the recent developments surrounding Ashwani Kumar and Pawan Bansal.

After years of peddling the Our-PM-is-the-most-honest-of-them-all-in-the-entire-galaxy balderdash the MSM seems to be finally catching up with the meaning of words like integrity & accountability, as they get busy aiding and abetting – quite reflexively – some dark, unknown and easy-to-guess forces to bury the non-performing nightwatchman Prime Minister six feet under.

But the Queen continues to escapes their collective gaze. Blame Proxy-o-cracy!!

To give credit where it is due though, over the last few days, there has been a sprinkling of articles that at least attempt to ask – meekly so – a few pertinent questions along the lines of if-Sonia-is-the-fount-of-executive-power-then-should-the-buck-not-stop-with-her-on-India-becoming-a-Scamrashtra. Laying the axe to the root, if you will.

The most scathing commentary yet…

“Should Sonia Gandhi, ruler of the Congress party, be congratulated for finishing 15 years in Indian politics? It is not a sign of expertise if an heir becomes king. So why should it be different with her?” asked Surjit Bhalla in an The Indian Express piece titled ‘Evaluating Sonia, the black box leader’ (March 23rd, 2013) before he drove the screw deeper: “Every political leader has been pilloried in India, and in most democracies. Pilloried for being stupid, unfit to rule and worse; yet, such questions are not raised with regard to Sonia. Our free press can make mincemeat of even decent politicians (Manmohan Singh has been variously described as spineless, a night-watchman following orders, Mumble Singh and worse) and yet the press has never even demanded that the chairperson of the Congress for 15 years hold a press conference in a language of her choosing — English, Hindi or Italian”.

Ouch! In his follow-up piece a week later ‘Message to Sonia: Reform of Perish’, he concluded his incisive commentary thus:

“Recall that Annie Besant became president of the Congress party in 1917. If Sonia Gandhi does not change, then she risks the following obituary of the party she heads: It took a white, European, socialist, woman to help create the Congress party — and it has taken a white, European, socialist, woman to destroy it more than a hundred years later.”

Ouch ouch ouch!

I acknowledge that the 7 aspects that I will now touch upon briefly – three in this Part, and four in Part 2 – are by no means either completely unknown, or constitute all that needs to be debated, discussed and perhaps put under the journalistic scanner. The purpose of this 2-part series is to act as a gentle reminder to the Indian MSM (especially TV) that the citizens are not fooled by their attempts at silence on issues surrounding Sonia Gandhi & family. Or as M.J.Akbar noted:

“That purr in the ear isn’t the music of your back being scratched, darling; it’s the crackle of your slim wallet being emptied of ethics”.

The poor little powerful Queen

Is it really true that Sonia Gandhi’s financial assets are a mere 1.37 Cr [2009 affidavit]? Let me strive for a little more exactitude, so that I am not accused of crude approximations. Take a look at the table below (source –

Table comparing assets of national leaders.

Table comparing assets of national leaders.

I leave you and your powers of incredulity – which I am certain are immense – to decide if this matter warrants further enquiry. You can access the affidavit details by clicking here. While we are on affidavits, it may well be worth your while spending a minute or two examining the affidavits of Rahul Gandhi, with special focus on the educational qualifications. The matter was discussed in greater detail by me a few months ago in a piece titled ‘Rahul Gandhi: PM-in- waiting despite all this?’

One set of rules for the slaves, another for the suzerainty

In August 2011, India Today ran a small report titled ‘What Gandhis don’t tell the Lok Sabha‘, and I quote:

It’s common courtesy for MPs to inform the secretariat about trips abroad, even if they are of a personal nature. But since June 2004, the month UPA came to power, the Congress president and her son have not bothered to inform the secretariat about any of their foreign trips.

Subsequently, two applications were filed under RTI seeking details on foreign travels of MPs and foreign travels of Sonia Gandhi – what followed was a merry-go-round involving the Lok Sabha Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Central Information Commission (CIC), Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and National Advisory Council’s (NAC) Central Public Information Officer.

“It is disturbing that institutions that run the government have no knowledge of the authority that can furnish details of Sonia Gandhi’s foreign travel,” noted an exasperated RTI activist. (You can read the full report here)

The curious case of Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s blog

Most of you would be familiar with the content of Dr. Swamy’s blog; those of you who have not made your acquaintance with it yet, please fire up your search engines. Whilst it is nobody’s case that every word in there is the gospel truth – and some of Dr. Swamy’s utterances on other issues may be a tad jarring to some of us – the following 2 points merit some thought:

1) If the matter presented in his blog-post(s) is untrue and borders on libel, why have the concerned parties not sued him?

2) On the other hand, if the matter holds some truth in its folds, why has the MSM never gone to town with it? Why the silence? Or is it a case of the unutterable refusing to chase the uneatable, with apologies to Oscar Wilde?
What gives?

The Tughlaq Complex

Foreign Policy tells us that Rahul Gandhi may well be the last Gandhi. The Economist calls Narendra Modi a stocky steamroller. But I know who the two men are most like. As a wannabe visionary who thought nothing of shifting his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad, Rahul Gandhi is most like Mohammad bin Tughlaq. Like Rahul, Tughlaq thought big, but not always wisely. Like Rahul, he was a great believer in rural India, and set up a department for agriculture and land records. We don’t know about Rahul’s future, although he has declared he won’t be a status quoist, but Tughlaq didn’t have a son and was succeeded by his cousin. And well, what can I say, Rahul’s permanentaddress on the Lok Sabha website is listed as 12, Tughlak Lane, Delhi.

Kaveree Bamzai
Kaveree Bamzai

Modi is the absolute contrast, a low caste chaiwallah’s son, much like the mysterious Chandragupta Maurya, said to be the son of a royal father and low caste mother. Chandragupta had no aversion to power, nor any confusion about it. He created an empire out of nothing with the help of the wise Chanakya. As an administrator, he was a bigger success story than Ashoka, so admired by Jawaharlal Nehru. Both men had different visions of governance. Tughlaq was not short of imagination but woefully lacking in pragmatism. Chandragupta was a man who understood the power of strategic alliances and the value of a campaign-in his case it was to build an empire from scratch, in Modi’s case, it is to conquer Delhi. In Modi’s case, the role of Chanakya was performed by the rss which he left home to joinwhen he was 17. Modi’s Chandragupta complex may also be behind his chapati obsession-waging a war was much like eating a chapati, outside in, not inside out, Chandragupta was told. Modi’s chapati analogy is meant to demonstrate his veneration for Indian women.

Call it two visions of India. One of the privileged insider grappling with the demands of his dna and the poison of power. Think of Rahul as Tughlaq with a Che Guevara beard, experimenting with life, eating vegan food one day and doing Vipassana another, his head full of ideas difficult to execute. The other is the hungry outsider, who wants to overcome the geography of his birth and the limitations of his upbringing. Think of Modi as Chandragupta Maurya with an Amitabh Bachchan groomed beard, an inflexible discipline, and a daily dietof three and a half hours of sleep and 90 minutes of yoga. His head is full of the doctrine of statecraft, on how to win and keep a kingdom.

Yes, one is a realist and the other is a surrealist. And what of Manmohan Singh? Well, at this point, his party must be hoping he would be the Buddha or at least an ageing Prince Siddhartha who walks away from his kingdom. But Manmohan Singh finds it impossible to give up power, no matter the taint on him and on his party. And thereby he loses the war of perception. In India, two kinds of power have sanctity. There are those who take, sometimes even snatch, what they are not born into. There are others who come from a ‘chain of people’ and are in authority because of their surnames. Manmohan Singh is the third kind, in a tiny minority-one to whom power was given for safekeeping, as a trust by the Queen Mother worried by the heir’s inexperience. Manmohan Singh was not chosen for what he could do, but what he would not do. Such men should be the first to know when their time is up.

But perhaps the Prime Minister’s tragedy is that he studied economics, not history.

RahulG’s (Raul Vinci?) – Dr. Swamy writes to HE President of India

May 11, 2013.

Mr. Pranab Mukherjee,
President of India,
Rashtrapati Bhavan,
New Delhi.

Dear Mr. President,

I am enclosing with this letter a copy of the news item which had appeared in the Indian Express sometime ago. It carries a facsimile of a certificate issued by the Secretary of the Development Studies Committee, University of Cambridge. While I was on a visit to the University two years ago, I had visited this Department as also spoke with the concerned authority in the University. I was informed in confidence that an individual by name Mr. Raul Vinci was the pseudonym of Mr. Rahul Gandhi (now MP) and that he had taken this pseudonym for his personal security. The enclosed news item from New Indian Express, Chennai states the same. Hence the matter requires investigation since Mr. Gandhi is a MP. Question also arises how Mr. Gandhi had paid the necessary fees for being a student in the University and from which bank account (Pictet Bank, Zurich or from India with RBI permission)? Was he also, for the sake of his security, traveling abroad to and fro UK on an Italian passport in the name of Rahul Vinci?

In view of the fact that Mr. Rahul Gandhi is a Member of Parliament, this would attract proceedings for disqualification under Article 103 of the Constitution. Hence I urge you to have this matter probed into in a comprehensive way by the Election Commission.

Yours sincerely,