‘Role of Vaiko, Karunanidhi in Rajiv assassination not probed’ — Ragothaman, Chief Investigator

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‘Role of Vaiko, Karunanidhi in Rajiv assassination not probed’

Author: Yatish Yadav

Published Date: Nov 2, 2012 8:10 AM
Last Updated: Nov 2, 2012 8:10 AM
The chief investigating officer of the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, K Ragothaman, has alleged that the then DMK leader Vaiko, as a prosecution witness, turned hostile and escaped the charge for perjury at the behest of the former SIT chief D R Karthikeyan.

In his book ‘Conspiracy to kill Rajiv Gandhi – from CBI files’, Ragothaman said that during the investigation more than 500 video cassettes were seized, including a cassette titled ‘In tigers cave’ revealing Vaiko’s clandestine visit to the LTTE area in Jaffna.

“He was speaking vulgarly about Rajiv Gandhi and spitting venom on Rajiv. It is also found that he met Pottu Amman when he was introduced to him by Prabhakaran. Vaiko was not questioned on this. Also, he was made witness to speak about his conversation with Prabhakaran while he was kept in the Ashoka Hotel, prior to signing of Indo-Sri Lanka accord,” Ragothaman wrote.

During the trial, Vaiko refused to admit voice on a video clip of a meeting secured by investigators, in which, he is heard saying that he told Prabhakaran over the intercom in Ashoka Hotel that ‘Rajiv Gandhi stabbed him in the back and the proposed accord was not the solution for achieving Tamil Eelam.’ Soon after the meeting between Prabhakaran and Rajiv Gandhi, on the Indo-Sri Lanka accord, Vaiko had a talk with Prabhakaran on intercom.

Ragothaman has also dragged DMK patriarch Karunanidhi, who abruptly cancelled his meeting at Sriperumbudur on May 21, 1991, to the centre of controversy. Ragothaman wrote, “When I had collected the evidence about the cancellation of the meeting and brought to the notice of the chief of SIT to question the DMK leader on that issue, I was told that part of investigation was done by him and that DGP Rangasamy had requested the DMK leader to cancel the meeting. Also, I was chided by SIT chief asking me not to create such issues as I had done in Rasheed Murder case.”

Speaking to the ‘Express’, Ragothaman said that he opposed Vaiko as witness and told SIT chief that he appears to be a suspect.

“SIT chief Karthikeyan told me there was not sufficient evidence against Vaiko. Also, starting point of our investigation should have been cancellation of Karunanidhi’s trip to Sriperumbudur, but Karthikeyan did not allow probe into it,” Ragothaman said.

Karthikeyan, hailed as one of the most relentless investigators, vehemently refuted the charges authored by his own team member.

“He is flogging the dead horse. No way can anybody question the integrity of an investigation and nothing remains to be done. All the aspects were explored by the 40-member team 20 years ago and SIT had received words of appreciation from two judicial commissions on record. The Supreme Court placed on record appreciation for my leadership,” Karthikeyan told Express.


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