RahulG & PriyankaG Scam: Foreign Exchange money in Backops Services Pvt. Ltd.and other companies – Dr. Subramanian Swamy



Expose is on Rahul’s company Backops Services Pvt Ltd & National Herald assets of Rs 600 crores & Young Indian company

Swamy accuses Rahul Gandhi of running fraud company

Ahmedabad , Sat, 27 Oct 2012 ANI

Ahmedabad, Oct 27 (ANI): Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy today accused scion of Nehru-Gandhi family and ruling Congress party leader, Rahul Gandhi, of running a fraud company and of misusing government facilities

While addressing a news conference in Ahmedabad, Swamy said that Gandhi had owned a company called Back-Ops Private Limited and had indulged in wrong doings to keep it afloat.

Here he stated that the office of the company was registered at a government bungalow in New Delhi which had been registered in the names of Gandhi’s sister Priyanka Gandhi and her husband Robert Vadra.

As per the Janata Party chief, Rahul also gave out conflicting turnover statements of the company in the assets declaration form before the last general elections which put a question mark on the credibility of the company.

Here Swamy stated that the setting up of a private company in a government residence is illegal.

“Number one, he has earned foreign exchange, all the money that he has earned is through foreign exchange. No one is sure whether it is 41,00,000 rupees ($76,271.97) or 41,000 ($762.72)rupees. Secondly, they have shown their registered office as a government lodge. That is illegal,” he said.

Swamy went to state that the company was closed down in a hurry after he had raised the issue in he parliament last year.

He said that Rahul Gandhi had not mentioned the company in his asset’s declaration before the general elections of 2004 and 2009, and he had about 82 percent shares in the company.

Swamy demanded that a probe should be initiated into the matter and he would be writing a letter to corporate affairs minister Veerappa Moily regarding this.

“He has misused the privileges of a government residence. Secondly, he did not file the ROC (Registration Of Companies) accounts. Then again in 2011 they filed everything and also filed an application to close down the company, while making Priyanka as the additional director.

“So there are multiple frauds and we demand a probe into this. I am going to write a letter to Moily that this company is fraud. They should resign from the parliament as they have lied to the parliament,” he said.

Swamy further said that Rahul Gandhi was managing the accounts of the company from a bank in Switzerland named Pictet Bank, but proper information about the nature of the account could not be retrieved due to the bank’s privacy policies. (ANI)


Ahmedabad, 27 October 2012

Dr. Swamy addressing the media in Amdavad today

Following is the complete text of written statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, President of the Janata Party and Former Union Cabinet Minister for Law and Commerce, made in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on October 27, 2012:

Mr. Rahul Gandhi registered a company called Backops Services Pvt. Ltd. On May 27, 2002 with main objective to provide “back office and advisory support services to international and domestic clients”. The company filed its accounts with RoC only in March 2007. There was no filing of 2003 and 2004. This is violative of Companies Act.

Till 2009, this company was accepting money from abroad. But it never took RBI permission which is another violation. The company stated in 20052:03 PM 10/27/2012 that it received Rs. 41 lakh as foreign exchange. The company had also appointed a US citizen Ulrik R McKnight as Director. But never informed the RoC on appointing a foreigner from 2005 onwards.

Surprisingly 2006 onwards, the AGMs were held in Priyanka Vadra official residence, 35, Lodi Estate. This is also violative of the rules on Government houses allotment.

On May 24, 2010, the company informs RoC that Rahul Gandhi has resigned from Directorship on March 24, 2009 to avoid prosecution. In 2009 election affidavit, there is no disclosure of Rahul’s shareholding in this company. The election affidavit of Mr. Rahul Gandhi as on March 31, 2009 was filed on April 4, 2009 but there is no mention of this company which is also illegal since Mr. Gandhi owns 82% share of the company and is thus the owner.

Priyanka Gandhi was appointed as Director after Rahul’s resignation on the same day. That information also took a delay of 14 months to inform RoC.

– Subramanian Swamy


Dr. Swamy has shared a file of 18 page photocopies of documents of Backop Services Private Limited, The Associated Journals Ltd and Young Indian. Many documents have signatures of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi.

Annexed documents:

-Report of the Directors to the shareholders of Backops Services Private LTD (NO. 35, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi – 11003). Rahul Gandhi has been shown as Director along with another Director Manoj Muttu.
-Balance sheet abstract and company’s general business profile. Rahul Gandhi and Manoj Muttu are shown as Directors.
-Significant accounting policies and notes on accounts. Schedule 8. Manoj Muttu and Rahul Gandhi are shown as Directors.
-Form RRS, 2011. Pursuant to easy exit scheme, 2011. Application for striking off the name of company under the Easy Exit Scheme(EES), 2011. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra shown as Additional Director.
-Statement of Account Annexure- C year 2010. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Manoj Muttu’s signatures as Directors.
-Young Indian: Schedule 7: Significant accounting policies and notes to accounts for the period ended 31st March, 2012. Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Motilal Vora, Oscar Fernandez, Suman Dubey, Satyam G Pitroda shown as key management personnel(KMP) – Managing Committee members and founder members.
-Young Indian: Additional information as required under part IV of schedule VI to the companies act, 1956. Motilal Vora signs as Director on 26 April 2012.Other Directors’ signature not readable.
-The Associated Journals Ltd letter pad speaking about extract of the resolution no. 3 allotment of shared passed by the board of directors of The Associated Journals Limited in their board meeting held on 26 February 2011. The document is signed by Chairman Motilal Vora.


Resources: Documents related to the scam

Backops of RahulG: Problem with counting zeroes, Sibal style?

Compare the financial figures…in 2005-06 the company started by Buddhu says in first document (last page) foreign exchange earnings is Rs.41.6 lakh…the other document of the same year says Rs.41.6 thousand only.

Foray of RahulG, SoniaG, PriyankaG into journalism industry

Sonia & Rahul’s new pvt company Young Indian and Nehru founded big public limited company Associated Journals. First document (Young Indian’s)…Why conenct Rs.50 lak as main objective with 90 cr.

Second document corresponding financial transaction of Associated journals..first para says money from AICC?

1. http://www.docstoc.com/docs/134372222/Notice-to-Share-holders-Backops

Notice to Share holders Backops
 2. RahulG Backops Note on Accounts http://www.docstoc.com/docs/134372007/Backops-NOA-2005-06 Backops NOA-2005-06  3. SoniaG, RahulG, PriyankaG foray into journalism industry List of Allottes of Associated Journals March 4_ 2011 List of Allottes of Associated Journals March 4_ 2011  4. Account Notes on Young Indian: Linked to RahulG & PriyankaG http://www.docstoc.com/docs/134371859/Account-Notes-of-Young-India Account Notes of Young India  The following IE report lies about dissolution. Dissolution documents released show 2011 as the date of winding up. Read on…

Before elections last year, Rahul gave up his business venture

D K Singh Posted online: Sun Mar 21 2010, 02:45 hrs

New Delhi : In an indication of how seriously he takes his politics, AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi has abandoned his entrepreneurial venture. At least, for now.
Almost seven years after he launched a consultancy engineering firm, Backops Services Private Limited, Gandhi gave it up last year, apparently to devote himself full-time to public service.

After an M.Phil degree in Development Studies from Cambridge University and a stint as financial consultant in London, Gandhi returned to India in 2002 to set up this company, holding 83 per cent shares in it. But shortly before the 2009 Lok Sabha elections that saw him emerge as the party’s star campaigner, he relinquished his business venture.

Contacted by The Sunday Express, Rahul Gandhi’s office declined comment. One of his aides maintained it was a “closed chapter” and there was nothing to be said. A close family friend and aide Manoj Muttu, one of the two Directors of the company, also refused to comment.

Congress leaders were of the view that Gandhi took the right decision. They pointed out that he continues to live out of a suitcase, travelling across the country to be with people. “Does he have the time to run a company?” said a Youth Congress leader who has watched him function.

Before the last elections, Gandhi not only gave up on Backops Services but also the shares he had bought. As per his affidavit to the Election Commission of India during the 2004 elections, he held 83 per cent shares in Backops Services in which he had made a capital investment of Rs 2.5 lakh.

He had 100 shares of Intel, 52 shares of Palm and 10 shares of Ericsson. In his affidavit to the Commission in 2009, he mentioned he had “nil” bonds, debentures and shares in companies.

The main objective of Backops Services was to provide, among other things, back-office and advisory support service to international and domestic clients across different industry segments, to carry on business as programmer, developer, consultant and advisor in the field of IT, and to provide market and product services, web solutions and set up web sites for e-commerce activities.

The company had an authorised share capital of Rs 25 lakh divided into 25,000 equity shares of Rs 100 each. Gandhi was the largest shareholder with 2,500 shares while Muttu held 250 shares.

Anil Thakur, son of Madhya Pradesh Governor Rameshwar Thakur, held 150 shares and another Delhi resident, Ranvir Sinha, had 100 shares. Both Thakur and Sinha resigned as Directors of the company in March 2006 due to “personal reasons”. Gandhi and Muttu remained the only two Directors.

Notwithstanding the involvement of Gandhi, Backops Services remained a very modest business venture as was evident from its balance sheet.

As per reports of the Directors to shareholders, the company’s “profit after tax” was 0.32 lakh in 2003-04, 1.01 lakh in 2004-05, 0.53 lakh in 2005-06, 2.96 lakh in 2006-07, and 0.41 lakh in 2007-08.


Date: 2004-5-27
Rahul Gandhi’s Mumbai millions

An obscure engineering company with a near-invisible office on Arthur Bunder Road in Colaba has bagged some of the biggest and most prestigious building projects in Mumbai.

Backops Engineering, which provides civil engineering services for architectural, civil engineering and construction companies, has secured plum projects like the citys international airport terminal building, the commercial complex at Phoenix Mills, Belapur railway station, the Wockhardt Hospital in Mulund, and buildings at the Osho Commune, Pune.

The list includes many other sought-after projects and some overseas assignments too.

The impressive line-up may have a lot to do with the fact that Rahul Gandhi, now MP from Amethi, owns 83 per cent of the companys shares.

In his affidavit submitted at the time of filing his nomination for the Lok Sabha elections from Amethi, Rahul Gandhi noted that he owned 83 per cent of the shares in the firm. The affidavit also mentioned that the property of Backops Ltd was part of his movable assets.

Gandhi has informed that he has capital investment of Rs 2,50,000 in the firm, which has a bank balance of Rs 3 lakh.

The office of Backups is in Puran Nivas on Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba. But it is so nondescript, even the watchman of the building doesn’t know it exists.

What the watchman does know, however, is that the office of ‘Rajani Associate’ is on the fourth floor and that one could check there. The glass door of Rajani Associate reveals a huge name stamped on the walls inside: Backops Engineering.

Asked if Rahul Gandhi owns the company, a female employee there merely said, “I don’t know.”

Also, most builders, engineering firms and politicians in the city that Mid Day spoke to said they did not know about the firm. A spokesman at Wockhardt even claimed the hospital had nothing to do with the company.
Name: Backops Engineering

What it does: It provides services including basic civil engineering work, fabrication drawings, bar bending schedules and drafting services. It has a team of engineers who promise to bring down costs of projects (compared to other firms) by 50 per cent. The company also offers dealing services and converts drawings from hard copy to soft copy

Some projects it has obtained: Mumbais international airport terminal building, the commercial complex at Phoenix Mills, Belapur railway station, the Wockhardt Hospital in Mulund, and buildings at the Osho Commune, Pune Projects that Backops has got

1. International Airport building, Mumbai
2. Belapur railway station
3. Container Freight Station for Maersk Sealand
4. Logistics Facility, United Liner Agencies, Nhava Sheva
5. Commerical Complex at Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel
6. Ashoka Shopping Centre, Mumbai
7. Training Centres for Reserve Bank of India
8. Headquarters for Wockhardt
9. Wockhardt Hospital, Mulund, Mumbai
10. ONCB/PNCB plant at Tarapur
11. Industrial complex for NRB Bearings, Aurangabad
12. Coromandel Fertilisers, Cuddapah
13. Township for IPCL, Nagothane
14. Institutional facilities for Ministry of Education, Oman
15. Industrial Training Institute, Mazagaon
16. The Oberoi Amar Vilas, Agra
17. Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu, Nepal
18. Meditation Hall and Guest House for Osho Commune, Pune


One thought on “RahulG & PriyankaG Scam: Foreign Exchange money in Backops Services Pvt. Ltd.and other companies – Dr. Subramanian Swamy

  1. Ms ABV Vijaya Lakshmi

    During the Presidency of K Narayanan, IFS (Retd), there were serious allegations that Rashtrapathi Bhawan’s address was used by his daughter to open a Pvt Company and conduct business and no action was taken and the serious issue was given a clean burial. As per the precedence already set, no action will be taken against Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi as Congress(I) brushes aside these charges as minor procedural lapses and can’t be viewed seriously.


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