Rahul running a fraud company: Subramanian Swamy


 October 27, 2012 22:38 IST

Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy on Saturday accused Congress leader Rahul Gandhi [ Images ] of running a fraud company and of misusing government facilities.

While addressing a press conference in Ahmedabad [ Images ], Swamy said that Gandhi had owned a company called Back-Ops Private Limited and had indulged in wrong doings to keep it afloat.

He claimed that the office of the company was registered at a government bungalow in New Delhi [ Images ] which had been registered in the names of Gandhi’s sister Priyanka and her husband Robert Vadra.

As per the Janata Party chief, Rahul also gave out conflicting turnover statements of the company in the assets declaration form before the last general elections, which put a question mark on the credibility of the company.

Swamy claimed that the setting up of a private company in a government residence is illegal.

“Number one, he has earned foreign exchange, all the money that he has earned is through foreign exchange. No one is sure whether it is 41,00,000 rupees ($76,271.97) or 41,000 ($762.72) rupees. Secondly, they have shown their registered office as a government lodge. That is illegal,” he said.

Swamy said that the company was closed down in a hurry after he had raised the issue in Parliament last year.

He said Rahul Gandhi had not mentioned the company in his asset’s declaration before the general elections of 2004 and 2009, and he had nearly 82 percent shares in the company.

Swamy demanded that a probe should be initiated into the matter. He said he will write a letter to Corporate Affairs Minister Veerappa Moily [ Images ] about this issue.

“He has misused the privileges of a government residence. Secondly, he did not file the Registration Of Companies accounts. In 2011, they filed everything and also filed an application to close down the company, while making Priyanka the additional director. There are multiple frauds and we demand a probe into this. I am going to write a letter to Moily that this company is fraud. They should resign from Parliament as they have lied to it,” he said.

Swamy said that Rahul Gandhi was managing the accounts of the company from a bank in Switzerland [ Images ] named Pictet Bank, but proper information about the nature of the account could not be retrieved due to the bank’s privacy policies.

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