Vadragate: A knock out blow for the Gandhis, Congress?

Are the allegations against Robert Vadra and DLF a knock out blow for the Congress and more importantly the Gandhi family, which has always attempted to keep up an image of being devoid of corruption?

Will Vadra-gate smear the reputation of the Gandhi family? AFP

Noted sociologist Dipankar Gupta feels that the Congress has been dealt a body blow, though it is not yet a knock-out punch.

“The Congress will not let the (Gandhi) family down. They have to prop up the family,” he told CNN-IBN.

But are these allegations worse than that arose during the Bofors scandal? Gupta felt their impact might be as bad.

“It is because apart from the question of legality, there is also the question of propriety,” he said.

IAC member and psephologist Yogendra Yadav said, “Till now the Gandhi family andManmohan Singh were thought to be good, sincere and straight. Why were Congress ministers coming and giving certificates when none were asked?”

So should the Congress play a more pro-active role and clear the air by ordering a probe?

According to Gupta, a probe is absolutely necessary. “The Gandhi family should be pro-active and not the minions,” he said.

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