Mystery shrouds former info officer’s role in Robert Vadra’s firm

NEW DELHI: Krishnan Sreenivasan, the Kochi-based businessman who replaced Priyanka Vadra as director in a Robert Vadra company, was a surprise finalist in the list of probable Congress candidates for a Lok Sabha ticket from Kerala in the 2009 general elections.

Sreenivasan became a director of Blue Breeze Trading on July 10, 2008 when Priyanka resigned as its director. Both Priyanka and Robert were directors of the company since it was incorporated in 2007.

According to sources, Sreenivasan is a former Indian Information Service officer who served in the central government. He was appointed additional private secretary to late Congress leader K Karunakaran when he was industries minister in 1995.

Sreenivasan resigned from government service within months of Karunakaran’s tenure as minister coming to an end. Though he officially runs a manpower recruitment agency for the Gulf region, indications are that Sreenivasan has other business interests in the Gulf as well.

It is not clear how his proximity to the Vadra family began. It is believed that he provides assistance to them whenever they visit south India.

Sreenivasan’s career hit a peak when his name mysteriously surfaced as a contender for Congress ticket for a Lok Sabha seat from Kerala. Sources said he was actually pitted against P C Chacko, the Congress spokesperson. It was probably the decisive intervention of A K Antony and other senior Congress leaders that resulted in Chacko getting the party nomination. Sreenivasan’s name was proposed from Delhi also, sources said. “He is neither a recognisable Congress worker nor a leader,” a party source said.

On February 22, 2011, Sreenivasan resigned from Vadra’s company. As of the latest filings of Blue Breeze, only Vadra and his mother are directors of the company. The company seems to have carried out no significant business other than buying agricultural land worth Rs 77.25 lakh.


KK JAIGOPAL (Indirapuram)
13 Oct, 2012 10:12 AM
The Vadra case is getting more murkier as days passes by; surely more corpse would come out of the closet in coming days. Question remains if Vadra is clean and if Congress believes so why can’t they prove it by conducting investigation. Any honest and forthright person won’t hesitate is co-operating in any investigation. It is only the thieves who keep on saying that they didn’t steal. May be Congress know that they would be routed in the forthcoming election, they want to cling of their version that they did not do anything wrong and make an exit from this country to escape prosecution.

pasupati iyer (hyderabad) replies to KK JAIGOPAL
13 Oct, 2012 01:41 PM
Prima facie, Vadra’s ”companies” are a device for money laundering. That is the first explanation for the discrepancy between an entry in a company’s balance sheet of Rs.7.94 crore ”overdraft” received from a bank, and the denial from the bank of any such overdraft. Discussion on a TV news channel revealed more unaccounted money in the same company, totalling to about Rs.15 crore. The unsecured ”loan” from DLF, which DLF says is a ”business advance”, also must be in the same category, viz money-laundering. The source of the money could be some account held in a Swiss or othe foreign bank. AN INDEPENDENT INQUIRY IS NEEDED. If it is money-laundering, it has been done in a very clumsy way, perhaps because the perpetrators were cocksure of their immunity.

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