Der Aaye Durast Aaye, Modiji!

AHMEDABAD: Breaking his silence on Robert Vadra, who is in the middle of a controversy, chief minister Narendra Modi finally took a dig at Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law on Saturday at Dwarka. Modi, who never misses an opportunity to target the Gandhi family, had maintained a studied silence after Arvind Kejriwal of India Against Corruption had alleged that Vadra got favours from realty major DLF in a quid pro quo deal with Haryana government. Incidentally, the Gujarat government too had allotted prime land to DLF in Gandhinagar at a concessional rate in 2007.Congress leaders have alleged that this was done without an auction and caused a revenue loss of Rs 253 crore to the Gujarat exchequer if one takes into account the then market rates. The exchequer lost Rs 142.28 crore if the then jantri rates were taken into account.

Taking a dig at UPA government for defending Vadra, Modi said, “The Congress lacks sensitivity when it comes to expressing solidarity with victims of terrorism. But some allegations against the son-in-law of one family brought them all to their feet. The allegations are of the personal nature but the party and the Delhi Sultanate is out to save Vadra.” Modi, however, did not mention about DLF being given land in Gandhinagar.

He said that despite the allegations being personal, the entire Delhi government and the Congress was caught in a storm. He then went on to say that during a terror attack, only the party reacts, but after the personal attack everybody in the government was out to defend the ‘Jamai Raja’ (son-in-law).

“This is for the first time that the entire government, all its ministers are deputed to defend the Jamai Raja,” he said at a function in Dwarka, which was recently carved out as a separate district from Jamnagar.

He also took a dig at the Congress for not taking any action against the Congress MP from Porbandar Vitthal Radadia who had brandished a gun at a toll booth.

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