When she cant win election in Gujarat Fascist Sonia is launching Islamic hoards to terrorize the people

In pictures:Groups on rampage in wall city Amdavad against U.S. film

Ahmedabad, 4 October 2012

Groups of Muslims went on rampage in wall city Ahmedabad while protesting against some film made in America allegedly against Prophet Mohammad.

A number of groups of Muslims pelted stones, burnt police vehicles and torched effigies across the wall city area that are dominated by the community.

All shops and markets remained closed in such atmosphere, and people avoided to go to the areas across the bridge on eastern side of the city.

The story is better presented in pictures.


-Hardliners gave a bandh call
-Moderate Jumma masjid(located in wall city) Imam opposed it and issued a statement against the bandh call.
-Hardliners gathered around Jumma masjid and attempted to go inside and attack it.
-Pro Imam groups protected the masjid and police took action against the crowds, after they didn’t hear the warning.
-The riot spread in wall city area.
-This was first Hardliners against Jumma masjid Imam clash and then hardliners vs police clash.
-Police arrested 90 persons including Zarina Khan who led the rally which was not permitted by police.
-As prt the complaint filed by P.U.Sisodia, Zarina Khan, Sardarkhan Pathan and Sadiq Gafarbhai had started rally from Sardar bag. The rally reached outside Pankor naka based Jumma masjid where police asked them to leave the place, but they refused to obey the order and pelted stones
-Crime branch constable Naushad Ali was injured in this attack, and Karanj police’s mobile, DCP zone-2 striking force mobile and Khadia police station mobile were damaged.
-22 are arrested in this cases.
-In another police complaint filed by Police Inspector K.G.Patel, a group of people locked women staff of women police station near Tran Darwaja and set the police station to fire. They also burnt the Khas bazar chowki. The also torched the vehicles parked outside the police post.
-A group of rioters also burnt a government vehicle of land inspector near Relief cinema.
-Police has filed complaint against Nasir hussain Ismail hussain Sheikh and others in this case.
-32 including Zarinakhan Pathan, Shabir hussain alias Bantuadia are arrested.
-Police sub inspector B.K.Asari has also filed a complaint and arrested 30 persons.
-Rioters burnt Crime Branch constable Hamidaben’s two wheeler.
-Crime branch constable Navedbhai was also injured.
-Two teen ager rioters who had to appear in exam today were handed over to their parents.

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