Dr.Swamy taunts barmaids extravagence

In the wake of news surfacing that Sonia Gandhi aka Antonia Maino whose father Maino was already in Russian jail for two years when she was born perhaps by miraculous conception by her mother (!) spent a whopping Rs18000000000.00 for her medical expenses and her chamchagiris coming out in strange defense Dr. Swamy tweeted as follows:

What about TDK degree from Univ of Cambridge and Buddhu’s Harvard degree? No challenge? NAZI lineage? No challenge?

@swamy39 why dont u name both gandhi son and mother.. why use nickname. u also not sure??

@digvj47 : What is TDK’s original name?

@swamy39 i know. enjoy ur videos on raul vinci@harvard. bt “why r u not exposing it on daily papers” #lv 2 see d vinci fall

@digvj47 : Ask the Daily papers.

@Swamy39 with Disclaimer: costs in the invoices r not what we usually charge. costs hv been offset on a/c of prestige factor. VVVIP patient.

@JujharooFighter : She is no VIP in US

If Modi’s figures about expenses on Sonia Gandhi’s travel expenses are not correct, why is Congress not providing correct figures and facts?

@vinaykumargupta @ShihtizArora : I am nit taking rest till she is in Tihar and her Rs 1 lakh crore abroad is reclaimed by the nation.

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