One thought on “Why govt spent Rs 1880 cr on Sonia’s foreign trips? questions Narendra Modi

  1. Ms ABV Vijaya Lakshmi

    We are aghast with the sensational figure of Rs.1880 cr spent on Ms Sonia Gandhi’s foreign jaunts when the majority of people in India have no two square meals a day and are living under miserable conditions as pavement dwellers. It is atrocious that she is leading a life of opulence when 40% of Indians are reeling under hunger and starvation.
    Agriculture Scientists of NSC (A Govt. of India Undertaking) who have contributed a great deal for ushering in Green Revolution in the country in early sixties are denied pension or even CGHS medical facility after retirement disregarding Delhi High Court Order. When their miserable plight has been brought to the notice of each and every member of the so called National Advisory Council presided by UPA Chairperson, none of them even bothered to acknowledge the petition except Dr M.S. Swaminathan who had given a firm assurance to ensure that at least CGHS facility is revived to them. However, spineless, voiceless and meek Dr Swaminathan could not keep up his promise and NSC Scientists were abandoned to their fate to fend for themselves. God only can save this country!
    ABVVijaya Lakshmi


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