The long vicious arm of Antonia Maino finally caught up with Janamejayan’s weblog

Finally the back door induction of Emergency has emerged from the most despicable, looting and savage monster popularly known as Vishkanya aka Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandi that is haunting India. She had decided to throw the gauntlet on the freedom of speech of Bharathiyas by banning several media that are out to expose her anti-national activities, her loot and plunder and her connivance with Islamic group to take us back to middle ages. Given below is the list of internet sites that she has decided to block.  One of them is this very blog, not in its entirely but a particular article critical of the Islamic invasion of Bharat that is taking place with the active connivance and collaboration of the Antonia Maino’s Congress Govt.

Blocked list

This article in question: Jihad in Assam: 2 parts – Sandeep with the url is now not visible in India but those outside India still can see and read.  For those who have not read it please visit to read the same.

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