Vishkanya is the modern ‘Marichi’ whose vadham our Rama (Dr.)Swamy will perform!

That is the beginning of the end of the most tyrannical Nehru-Gandhi dynasty

Why was Seetha born in this world?  “Marichi madha mardhani” says Lakshmi Sahasranamam.

“DasakaraNa vriddhi Marichi nigharbha yOginyaaha” says Dhikshithar in his famous NavaavarNa Krithis

Marichi is atrocious vishami who did havocs behind the curtain.  He came in the form of a golden deer and Lord Rama shot him with a single arrow.

Vishakanya is the modern Marichi thrust into India by the alien Vatican Catholic Papacy.  She poses as the pathivratha even though she was the husband killer.

Let the VIRAAT HINDU raise as one man and play the role of Seetha and command our Lord (Rama)Swamy to destroy this demon!


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