Y S Vijayalakshmi steps up attack on Vishakanya


YSR Congress party honorary president Y S Vijayalakshmi has stepped up her attack on the Congress party with regard to her husband Y S Rajasekhara Reddy’s suspicious death, ostensibly to gain political mileage in the by-elections.

Vijayalakshmi on Wednsday raised a few more issues with regard to YSR’s chopper crash.

“There were supposed to be three maps showing the route from Hyderabad to Tirupati, but there was not even one route map in the ill-fated helicopter. Secondly, the bullets in the weapon of YSR’s gunman John Wesley were missing and one does not know what had happened to them. There are many other doubts on the chopper crash,” she said at a public meeting in Emmiganur in Kurnool district.

Vijayamma also recalled the “investigative report” carried by a Russian website on the people involved in the chopper crash.

“Ignoring these reports, the Congress leaders are slinging mud on my family on my husband’s death. Their allegations against us confirm that there was indeed a conspiracy in the chopper crash,” she said.

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