On Rahul Gandhi’s assets – Anjana Bhartia



On Rahul Gandhi’s assets – Anjana Bhartia

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3 MAY 2012
Dear All: It is my pleasure to publish this Guest Post by Anjana Bhartia on Rahul Gandhi’s assets and educational qualifications. Anjana has done a fine job of primary research to dig up facts, link them to sources and come to some conclusions that lead to uncomfortable questions. I doubt that we will ever get any answer to them though – such is the nature of “secrecy” and hype surrounding “The Prince”. But these questions need to be asked – especially because they are uncomfortable; and because they raise the prospect of Rahul Gandhi having knowingly or unknowingly submitted information to the Election Commission about his educational qualifications that we know is not trueThe post also raises questions about his “declared assets” – and while the numbers may add up mathematically, they are difficult to explain (to say the least). Although I do not expect any reply from RG or his minions, I wonder if anyone in mainstream media will pick up the courage to put these questions on their front pages.  This is not speculation – nor attempt to defame or slander. The questions and the points they raise – are based on publicly available, verified information – which can be cross-checked fairly easily by anyone with a good access to the internet or official records. Without further ado (emphasis added),
*** “Rahul Gandhi’s Assets and Education” – Guest Post Anjana Bhartia ***
There are many in the Congress party who believe that their leaders are above reproach particularly the Gandhi family. Indians are made to believe that Rahul Gandhi is a highly accomplished individual by way of his educational qualifications. Today we wish to put this to test not by floating rumours or false allegations but simply by attempting to question the sworn statements given by Rahul Gandhi himself in his affidavit filed for his Lok Sabha election. In the 2004 election Rahul Gandhi furnished the following details about his education:
  • Senior School Secondary from CBSE 1989
  • MPhil in (Development Economics), Trinity College, Cambridge University in 1995
No details of his Graduation were deemed necessary to be declared.  However in 2009 election the following details were declared:
  • Senior Secondary from Central Board of Secondary Education 1989
  • Bachelor of Arts from Rollins College, Florida in 1994
  • MPhil in (Development Economics), Trinity College, Cambridge University in 1995
Please note the subject of specialisation. It says “Development Economics”. According to the official website of Cambridge University there is no such course as Development Economics. Now, agreed that ten years is a long time. But is it long enough to make a person forget the stream they studied in college? Rahul Gandhi’s subject for MPhil was Development Studies not Development Economics which is something entirely different. Was this an unintentional mistake or deliberately misleading, meant to create a false illusion of academic accomplishment?
Educational qualifications aside, Rahul Gandhi’s possessions seem to present an even more curious case .According to what is largely believed Rahul has dedicated himself to the welfare of this country and its people therefore his only job is being a responsible MP.  Tabled below is a very modest calculation of his said income (with many generous assumptions to give him the benefit of doubt).
Following are some of the assets declared by him in 2004 in his own sworn affidavit for MP elections:
After 5 years RG has declared the following assets in his 2009 affidavit:
The analysis which shows a massive growth in assets (Rs 1 crore, 43 Lakhs (203%!) in spite of a somewhat modest income/earnings during this period (Rs 25 Lakhs). This raises numerous questions, to say the least.
  • What is the source of this very significant increase in wealth?
  • Did Rahul Gandhi invest the amount in the intervening years in shares/assets that appreciated very significantly and sold these off before the 2009 election (since they do not appear on this statement)?
  • Is this increase in wealth the result of income of inheritance from a Trust Fund that paid out?
  • Does this amount include gift(s) by family members or friends or well-wishers)?
Leaders are expected to lead by example. Rahul Gandhi has declared the value of 6 acres of his (undivided) ancestral property in a prime area in Delhi at a meagre Rs 28 Lakhs. A farmhouse with farmland of 4.6 acres is valued at a paltry Rs 9Lakhs and 80Thousand Rupees. Is this really the true value? If it is, I would happily fork over twice of his estimated/declared price for such a prime piece of land (and I am sure there are others who would be happy to get on this “bargain” too!). Is he a fool or does he take us to be fools? Andwhat is the source of these assets? Did he inherit the land? From whom? And when? Of course he can always say he is not bound to declare  the source of these assets but that would not really be setting an example, would it?
If this how Congressmen value their assets no wonder 2G spectrum and coal blocks were sold off at throwaway prices!
*** End ***
About Anjana (in her own words):
I am an Economics Grad who somehow managed to do an MBA inMarketing… Till about a year ago I was living happily in my own cocoon. I like many youngsters believed that politics did not affectmy day to day life. However over the past one year I have started noticing the things around me and come to the realization that it isbecause of bad politics and our poor leaders. I’ve read somewhere that in a democracy people get the government they deserve. I however believe that India deserves better.
Comments, thoughts welcome as always. Pl do share among friends and family. This is the kind of “news” that not many channels and newspaper would cover or reportThanks Anjana, for this great piece of painstaking and thorough research. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!
P.S. Note that Anjana has made several assumptions in this post that give RG the benefit of doubt. His actual declared assets in 2004 and 2009 are reported here (emphasis added):
  • In 2004, he declared total assets of Rs 22 lakh. In five years, the assets of the first-time MP have shot up 10 times to 2.25 crore.
  • In 2004, he held bank deposits of Rs 11 lakh, £30,000 and $19,200; shares of Rs 3.9 lakh; LIC and other savings certificates in Rs 3.80 lakh; jewellery worth Rs 1.25 lakh; and a farm house worth Rs 9.8 lakh.
  • In 2009, he holds bank deposits of about Rs 20 lakh, LIC and other savings certificates of Rs 10.2 lakh; land worth Rs 40 lakh, jewellery worth Rs 1.5 lakh; and two shops in a mall worth Rs 1.63 crore.


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