Uma Bharti a political activist. Rahul G parachuted from Italy. India is his transit stop — Dr. Swamy

January 21, 2012.
Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, President of the Janata Party.

            I fully support BJP leader Uma Bharti’s retort to the cheap remark  of Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi  that Uma Bharti has been parachuted into Uttar Pradesh.  Uma Bharti is 100% Indian and her DNA analysis shows that she has the same genetic status as any person from U.P. or any other part of India.  On the other hand the DNA of Mr. Rahul Gandhi is foreign and does not match the DNA of any Indian in any part of India. His hair sample can be tested for DNA.
            Furthermore, Uma Bharti has been a political activist  from the age of sixteen and has come up by her own strength and ability, whereas Rahul Gandhi has a poor academic record, has bad social habits and has been parachuted into Parliament by rigging at  the elections in Amethi where no voter bloc  is allowed to vote unless Rahul Gandhi is openly supported. Hence Rahul Gandhi has  parachuted from Italy.   India  for him is a transit stop.
                                                                        ( SUBRAMANIAN  SWAMY )

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