Sonia’s Govt trying to ease out patriotic General and he takes it to court to protect ‘Honour and Integrity’.

Knowing the foreigner’s iron hold on the Govt. we have to smell a rat in this.  Maino wants to ensure her yesmen in all positions of power right from the President on.  Only a fool will doubt this.

New Delhi: Army Chief General VK Singh has taken the government to court over a dispute centred on his age. This is the first time that any service chief has fought the government in court.In a petition in the Supreme Court, General Singh has questioned the government’s decision to treat his date of birth as May 10,1950 instead of May 10,1951, which is listed his school-leaving certificate and other documents. In his petition, the chief asks why the  government has chosen to “change” his date of birth after 36 years in service with many promotions.

In months of back and forth and appeals, the Chief has exhausted all internal options to win his argument. The government’s view means that General Singh will have to retire at the end of May.


Dr.Swamy writes to Manmohan Singh to intervene in his Defense Minister’s attempt to ease out COAS of India

January 14, 2012.
Dr. Manmohan Singh,
Prime Minister of India,
South Block,
New Delhi.
Dear Prime Minister:
I write this letter regarding the matter of retirement of the Chief of Army
Staff  Gen V.K. Singh as decided by your Government.
I am constrained to take up this matter in view of the fact that Gen Singh not
only has  an impeccable battle-field record but he has also earned an extremely good
name in the ranks of the army and outside as a person who is ready to take steps to
clean up corruption whenever and wherever it has come to his notice in the army.
All the facts are known to you and I believe they are contained in a statutory
complaint made by Gen Singh himself with all the relevant documents in the
Ministry of Defence.  The Raksha Mantri Mr. Antony gave me an appointment and
I had met him to discuss this matter.  But from what he told me it appears that for
the resolution of the matter it is not in his hands and that is why since you are the
Prime Minister, I am writing this letter for I have a deep respect for you and for
your personal integrity.
The issue is not the question of changing the date of birth as was given in the
form when Gen Singh filled his form on joining the army.  Two points are amply
clear from the documents (1) that his date of birth in the matriculation certificate is
1951  and in the form filled by him it  is 1950.  As far as the filled up form is
concerned, Gen Singh at that stage was a class X student and it could well be that
the form was filled up by somebody, e.g. his teacher. But more importantly whether
his date of birth is 1950 or 1951 in the application form, it gave him no benefit as fa
form was filled up by somebody, e.g. his teacher. But more importantly whether
his date of birth is 1950 or 1951 in the application form, it gave him no benefit as far 2
as his service in the army is concerned and no benefit in his subsequent career.  It is
important to bring to your notice that four former Chief Justices of the Supreme
Court of India found it compelling to write out their opinion, one of which opinion
was sought by the Central Authority which is within the army, namely, the Adjutant
General’s office, namely, from Justice J.S. Verma and they were all unanimous that
legally and judicially the date of birth at any time when a dispute arises can only be
determined on the basis of the school leaving certificate which in this case is 1951.  I
have also been told authoritatively  but orally about the opinion of the Attorney
General of India, but his opinion is based on a question that was posed in a rigged
manner against the rightful claim of Gen Singh.  I urge you to disregard the same
and use your own appreciation of the facts.  The core point is  that the entire service
record of Gen Singh clearly show that the Adjutant General’s office after due
“verification and authentication from the state of his selection in the army, the date
of birth has been nothing but 10.5.1951 and not 10.5.1950.  This date of birth, viz.
10.5.1951 is also the same date given by the successful candidate Gen V.K.Singh at
the entry point and accepted by the UPSC as correct at the time of selection.
The media is naturally being organized by some and you know that is not
difficult.  The nation cannot treat him as officer sterling in unfinished career and
dropped, targeted and destroyed in this manner.  I have my own theories of why this
is being dumped and demoralize the jawans in the army.
I urge you  with respect to intervene and ensure that this matter is settled on
merit and  in the larger interest of the nation and that it will not be necessary to
undergo a massive litigation launched by a body called Grenadiers Association of
Rohtak, Haryana and pending in the Supreme Court.
Yours sincerely,

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