Obituary – Anna Hazare Movement!

When Dr.Subramanian Swamy exposed the 2G corruption and went to the court to get the criminal ministers packed off to Tihar, the Congress realized that there was a surge in anger of the people against them. The Tamilnadu election exposed this truth so vehemently. They saw the danger writ large on the wall if Dr. Swamy were to succeed in the court. And in a bid to stem the gathering danger they set in motion the talk of how to thwart corruption rather than catch and punish the criminals. Thus was born Anna Hazare and his Lokpal movement! It was Gandhi-cap, national flag and even Sonia Gandhi writing to Anna all like the ‘independence movement’!

There were in our midst some true nationalists who were quite upset with the turn of events. Ramdev saw the danger of the criminals who steal national wealth and stashing it abroad escaping in the fashion of Quantarocchi and so this Saadhu began to set out on his own to keep the focus of the people on the criminals particularly Sonia and her mafia that her kept press and political goons were trying to blunt. So he set out on a fast unto death refusing to be cajoled into submission. The reaction of the Italian Mafia was quick and vehement. The Delhi police in thousands ruthlessly unleashed their violence at ‘mindnight Jalianwallah Baag’ at Ramlila Maidan. Ramdev was hounded and banished from Delhi.

Sonia’s whipping of the danda only increased people’s anger further. She took sick leave and tried to gain some sympathy(!) through her kept press. Yet the people’s disappointment and frustration was seen in the internet even as the kept press monopolised the spreading of the goebellian lies in their domain. The Congress realized that there is a new need for a new tactic. So Anna Hazare was goaded to act, this time in great frenzy and festoon! The greatest thamaasha of it all was while Anna fasted people at the Maidan were feasted and there were drums, songs and dance as if it is something to rejoice and celebrate of course with the flaunting of gandhi caps and national flags! Then again it ended with a great promise of enactment of a new law.

So on to the parliament to enact the law! Yes, the law that the Congress don’t want nor what the people do like. There was this ‘great’ controversy of the Anna Hazare stealing the rights of parliament while members of Anna Team being vilified as stealers and corrupters. And finally when it reached the Parliament the people witnessed how the legislators of all hues have tried one-upmanship against each other to produce the biggest nothing. The Indian parliament once again stood exposed as the gang of criminals who are bent upon cheating the people.

At the very moment Anna Hazare Movement died an ignoble death! After all he has already served his purpose to his masters and had to be disbanded!

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