I cannot believe this is America. Harvard deems truth ‘reprehensible’ — Pamela Geller

Global’s capitalism’s reaction to Dr.Swamy winning his plea in the court to examine Home Minister P.Chidambaram

In the U.S. every Muslim is under surveillance under the Homeland Security Act.  Has Harvard ever bothered to react to that?

The same Harward first upheld free speech and now it fires Dr.Swamy for his free speech! Why this double standard?

Thursday, December 08, 2011


Is it not central to this ivy league univeristy and every institution in these United States to “to protect free speech, including that of Dr Swamy and of those who disagree with him”? Where does Harvard address the truths of Swamy’s remarks, or the 80 million Hindus slaughtered in jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilations ad enslavements? Harvard has removed Swarmy’s course from their curriculum over an editorial he wrote concerning the jihad in India. I ran it at Atlas here on July 18, 2011.

I cannot believe this is America.

Freedom of speech protects all speech not just the ideas that we like. That’s the point. Who decides what’s good and what’s forbidden. Harvard? The Islamic supremacists seeking to impose the sharia restriction on free speech?

Harvard has been bought and sold to the highest sharia bidder (in December 2005, Saudi Prince Al-Waleed donated $20 million each to Harvard University and Georgetown University to fund Islamic studies).

This is dire.

Harvard University removes courses taught by Subramanian Swamy NDTV hat tip Robert

New Delhi: Harvard University has decided to remove the summer courses on economics taught by Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy after a furious debate over a controversial editorial written by him that was offensive to Muslims.

The university has termed his views, expressed in a Mumbai newspaper in July, as “reprehensible”.

At a meeting of Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences, faculty members voted with an “overwhelming majority” to remove two economics courses – ‘Quantitative Methods in Economics and Business’ and ‘Economic Development in India and East Asia’ – that Mr Swamy teaches at the three-month Harvard Summer School session.

According to a report in the Harvard Crimson, the faculty meeting resulted in a “heated debate” when Comparative Religion Professor Diana Eck proposed an amendment to exclude Mr Swamy’s courses from the catalogue.

The Professor said that that Harvard had a moral responsibility not to affiliate itself with anyone who expresses hatred towards a minority group.

“There is a distinction between unpopular and unwelcome political views,” the professor was quoted as saying.

But Mr Swamy said that “a dangerous precedent has been enacted”. “If there was an objection they (the university authorities) should have written to me,” he said.

After Mr Swamy’s controversial piece appeared, a group of Harvard students known as ‘Coalition Against Bigotry at Harvard’ had started a petition drive calling on the University to severe ties with him.

The university had initially decided to stand by Mr Swamy, citing principles of free speech.

Philosophy Department Chair Sean Kelly had defended the unanimous decision of Harvard’s Faculty Council to keep Mr Swamy on the teaching roster as an effort to preserve free speech at the school. Mr Kelly ultimately voted for the amendment to remove Mr Swamy’s courses.

“I was persuaded … that the views expressed in Dr Swamy’s op-ed piece amounted to incitement of violence instead of protected political speech,” he said.

Dean of Summer School Donald Pfister said that the courses included in the catalogue are chosen by individual departments.

“I find (Mr Swamy’s) position reprehensible, but on the other hand, it is our duty to support departments and their offerings,” he said.

Faculty members said that Mr Swamy’s article was not a product of free speech but of hate speech.
Read the rest.


Harvard has set ‘dangerous principle’: Swamy

New Delhi, Dec 8 (PTI) Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy today termed as a “dangerous principle” the decision of Harvard University to remove courses taught by him, saying it “stifles” personal opinion. In his reaction to the University calling as “reprehensible” his views in a controversial piece he wrote on Islamic terrorism, he said the University should have first sought his comments which was a normal procedure but that had not been done. “The decision of the University to discontinue my classes is a dangerous principle that stifles personal opinion,” Swamy, who taught at the American institution’s annual summer school session, said. The University, he said, should have a re-look at the decision. Noting that he had been held accountable at Harvard for what he wrote in India, he said that the “dangerous thing” the University has done was to make their professors responsible for what they wrote elsewhere in the world. “The article was written for a Mumbai newspaper and I teach economics in Harvard. I would assume that they would have sent their petition to me asking for my comments which is a normal procedure. But they have not done that,” he said. “If tomorrow anyone writes on India and writes rubbish about India, they come here, then they can be punished here for what they write in America. That would be a dangerous principle. Harvard should look at it,” he said. IIT, Delhi “sacked me in 1973. Four years later, I became a member of the IIT Board of Governors, the very body which had sacked me,” Swamy said.


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