First they beat up SP members, then they beat up each other and they say UP ruled by ‘mafia’

then they call UP people bhikari – is this an election campaign or a hate and violence campaign?

For UP youths it has become very difficult to digest the remarks of Rahul Gandhi

LUCKNOW: Internal fighting in the party took much of the sheen off Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi’s first address at Bahraich on Wednesday.

On day two of Rahul’s Jan Sampark Yatra (public contact journey), a scuffle broke out outside the Gend Ghar grounds, between workers, allegedly, supporters of district President Jitendra Prasad Singh ‘Jitu’ and the supporters of local party candidate Chandra Shekhar Singh Azad.

Party leaders alleged Jitu’s supporters, his brother Twinkle Singh and others, prevented the crowds from entering the rally grounds, to protest Congress’ candidature to Azad, regarded as an “outsider” in the party.

With barely a few hundred in attendance at the grounds when Rahul was to commence his rally, the general secretary’s address was delayed by nearly two hours. Meanwhile, senior Congress leaders intervened to placate Jitu’s supporters, who, in turn, allowed the crowds to enter the ground. A senior party functionary said, “It was some minor local level politics at play. A party member’s brother began to protest because his supporter was not given a ticket. It was nothing serious.”

Rahul also met at least five disgruntled party workers late on Tuesday night. According to party insiders, several “freshers” were given tickets after union minister Beni Prasad Verma recommended their names. This, leaders said, had lead to a sense of resentment within the party loyalists who have been denied a ticket.

Meanwhile, Samajwadi party workers also protested Rahul’s rally saying it was the Congress that destroyed India’s infrastructure. “We are protesting because Rahul has once again called us beggars. We work hard to earn a living in other states and Rahul comes and calls us beggars. He has forgotten that scores of Indians leave India to settle abroad. Why doesn’t he focus on that migration instead?” asked Anwar Khan Warsi, an SP supporter in Matera Bazaar block of Bahraich.

One thought on “First they beat up SP members, then they beat up each other and they say UP ruled by ‘mafia’

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