Prince of waiting likely to take over as Congress chief

Sonia’s call, formal appointment expected on Nov 19


Waiting, waiting…

The stage is all set to anoint Rahul Gandhi as Congress president. His raj tilak may take place as early as on Indira Gandhi’s birth anniversary — November 19, a top Congress source has disclosed.

The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Sonia Gandhi may step down as the party president at a specially convened meet of the Congress working committee (CWC), the highest decision-making body of the party, proposing Rahul’s name as her successor. The CWC will, in turn, make her the ‘Congress president emeritus’.

The transition has been on the cards for quite some time since Sonia had to rush to the US for a surgery in July. She has been taking it easy since return and involving her the 41-year-old son more and more in the decision making.

Rahul, who has been a Congress general secretary for the last seven years, has also started playing a role in governance in place of his mother, guiding the government on crucial matters requiring the political decisions.

Sonia, however, indicated to some close aides on Monday that the informal arrangement is not enough as she has to still take the final decisions and hence she wants to formalise it by calling a CWC meeting at the earliest. Rahul’s appointment will have to be ratified by the All India Congress Committee (AICC) by convening a session to meet the constitutional requirement.

Inquiries at the AICC headquarters here, however, showed the word is still not out of 10 Janpath about the imminent transfer of power as everyone drew blank. “Yes, many are pressurising her to give bigger responsibility to Rahul, but we do not yet have any indication that she has agreed except asking him to share some of her responsibilities,” a senior party leader said.

While many wanted Rahul to take over as the party’s working president before the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections after he indicated that he was not yet ready to be the prime minister, Sonia felt he had graduated enough to take full responsibility as the party president to relieve her, the source said.

The 64-year-old Sonia has been the party president for 13 years, since March 1998, and has been a member of the Lok Sabha for the last three terms (since 1999), that includes re-election from Rai Bareli in 2007. Rahul campaigned alongside her for the first time in 1999 and has been elected to the Lok Sabha for the second term.

Indications are that Sonia would continue to be the chairperson of the ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) and also continue to head the National Advisory Council (NAC), the responsibility she reassumed in January last year after a three-year gap.

She also heads five family trusts as chairperson of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust, Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund, Swaraj Bhavan Trust and Kamla Nehru Memorial Hospital Society, besides being a member of the council of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library and trustee of the Jalianwala Bagh National Memorial Trust.

Rahul has also been inducted in most of these trusts and has been handling their functioning lately since Sonia withdrew because of her health issues.

Member, Action Committee Against Corruption in India (ACACI)

2 thoughts on “Prince of waiting likely to take over as Congress chief

  1. sakshijahari


    1. Pandu R. V. Kuchibhotla

      Yes! I bow down my head in shame for all the sins beilng let loose on my mother-land by this heinous Indira-dookaan as an educated Indian. Our great freedom fighters got eclipsed by these present doggies wailing their tails in slavery to the Italy-born Empress. Our Supreme Court is reduced to the level of a subordinate department less than the corrupt Congress’s legal cell. Our Election Commission likewise is reduced to the wretched levels less than AICC’s fake-election panel which is just a mockery of our political process where only the descendants hold on to the President post permanently like a nasty-dynasty. When the Congress Bureau of Indira does not care for the instructions of Supreme Court and hence renders our legal system into a mockery, how can we expect the sycophant-bureaucracy to uphold the values enshrined in our sacred original Constitution. (The present Constitution is being raped by the heirs of wrteched lady-Hitler Indira Priyadarsini Maimoona Begum Khan-e-Samaan, on a daily basis. So there is no semblance between the original sacred document and the prsesnt defiled one. In my childhood days we witnessed a courtscene where some extremists were being tried in a court in Tenali. They were a group of 8 or 9 people including a couple of women. They were continuously raising slogans like “paarlamentu pandula-doddi” in Telugu which means “our Parliament is the PIG-STY”? As a child with patriotism in my veins and also as a little student of civics, I along with my other friends who were present there, got really shocked at that scene. But in retrospect if I visualize that scene in my brain now more often I get so agonized because I feel today it is the ground reality to my utter astonishment. With all the experience and the resultant enlightenment now I feel those naxals were not only the real partiots but also true visionaries, though even today I differ with their ideology as a Gandhian. I used to admire Sangh-Parivar but now I throw more than half of the blame on them too. I think Vajpayee can never be compared to neither Shyam Prasad Mookherjee nor Deen Dayal Upadhyay as he changed his colors very often to suit the Nehru-cap. Likewise I can not admire and compare Sudarshan of RSS with the great saint-like figures Doctorji and Guruji. When the then RSS chief could bother Vajpayee as PM even unnecessarily why could not the present chief control Yedyoorappa and other BJP MPs who got caught red-handed. Why did BJP always want a two party system and that too with Indira Congress as the perennial ruling party and itself as the only opposition? Why did BJP support the Congress attempts to reduce the sacred federal Council of States into a Council of two parties thus enabling them to rehabilitate party loyalists who lost in the direct polls at their native constituencies as members of Rajya Sabha cutting accross state boundaries. This has not only violated the basic framework of our sacred original Constitution but also diluted the very federal structure and broke its spine forever. When Mayavathi could bring in a resolution for division of UP into small states, BJP shamelessly acts like a turn-coat and thus helps the Sonia-family business at the cost of the sovereign public. What a shame! When Vajpayee was the PM why could not BJP bring out the facts and figures of various cases against Indira, Rajiv, Sonia and Rahul for the benefit of Indian masses? They could have exposed the Swiss connections of Sonia, Congress & Co., also, given the situation of a global ease created thanks to IT-boom and Internet freedom? Vajpayee did nothing but his continuous practice of his uselessly illusionary SEERSHASANS as he himself claimed. Moreover according to Dr. Swamy, he even protected Rahul by inrevening at Boston airport – what grave blunder! It is equal to treachery in my view because Vajpayee did not have the mandate to do so – neither from the sacred original Constitution nor from the soveriegn ELECTORATE. When we compare BJP’s lack-luster performance in office with the excellent control, though however malevolent, Sonia weilds on our system it would be better for BJP to gather guts before facing her at the next polls instead of putting up their present half-hearted weak and mean show. While BJP flounders at every step Sonia gives determined hard punches on their face without losing any chance to them. If BJP’s decks are really CLEAN why can’t they fight this wretched foreign-witch head-on?


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