‘The media went to town with the FIR against Dr Swamy. Now he has filed an FIR against Gandhi, where is the excitement?’

Lights out?

By: Lindsay Pereira Date:  2011-10-27 Place: Mumbai

Making sense of the good, bad and often strange trending topics online

Rajat Gupta, former director of Goldman Sachs and long-time head of McKinsey & Company, became a trending topic following reports that US federal prosecutors were to file criminal charges against him for a case related to insider trading.

Someone using the handle Bombay Addict was surprised: ‘Seriously, when you’re heading McKinsey and going to Goldman, how do you land up at the FBI?’ In Barbarian Indian’s opinion, ‘I feel there is a divine message in the story, taking a turn as it did on the eve of Diwali.’

And according to Dilip Cherian: ‘Rajat Gupta symbolises the new art of forging corporate and political alliances for maximising profits.’

Swamy vs. Sonia

Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy reportedly filed an FIR against UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi. Why he did it is another issue, but the move was enough to make Gandhi and the FIR trending topics for a while.

Amit Malviya tweeted: ‘The media went to town with the FIR against Dr Swamy. Now he has filed an FIR against Gandhi, where is the excitement?’

Subramanian Swamy and Sonia Gandhi

In James Priya’s words, ‘The FIR is trending and, despite a 50-plus crore marketing budget, Ra.One is not. Isn’t this the best Diwali ever?’ There was also advice for the media from Vidyut: ‘I think news is news. You don’t have to agree with it to report it. Think about it.’

Trial and error
What have we all tried? The people on Twitter decided to provide answers to that intriguing question and came up with examples that included ‘closing the refrigerator slowly to see when the light goes off’, ‘pretending to sleep when someone walks in’ and, naturally, ‘Googling our names to see what images come up.’

The last word

From news channel favourite Suhel Seth: ‘On behalf of all the honest people in India, here’s wishing a very Happy Diwali to Kalmadi, Kanimozhi and Karunanidhi.’

Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online (twitter.com/lindsaypereira)


Member, Action Committee Against Corruption in India (ACACI)

One thought on “‘The media went to town with the FIR against Dr Swamy. Now he has filed an FIR against Gandhi, where is the excitement?’

  1. Rahul

    Of course minorities must be protected but can not be allowed to rule over majority. Are we still in Moghul or British eras?

    Today in no country this is tolerated.

    In India Muslims do not indulge in conversions, do it only in marital relationships that happen.Thanks.

    But Christians do it in an organised way to increase their numbers.Naturally there will be some resistance.Unfortunately only the ruling and the opposition parties do the investigation and report their versions.There is no third, neutral agency to do the investigation.

    Media becomes the mute spectator. It is paid for doing so.


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