2G mess: Now, Swamy blames Sonia

Last Updated : 27 Oct 2011 01:30:17 PM IST

KOCHI: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is being dragged into the 2G scam for paving the way for Rahul Gandhi, according to Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy.

Speaking to Express in Kochi on Wednesday, he said the Congressmen are in a hurry to oust Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister and bring in Rahul Gandhi in his place. They want Manmohan Singh to take the responsibility of the 2G scam but the responsibility lies with none other than UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi. Challenging those who want to drag Manmohan Singh into the 2G scam, Swamy said that no one can say that the PM had violated any criminal law. “I have gone through all the documents, including the minutes, and nowhere it can be seen that Manmohan Singh had acted or directed in a way that has caused loss to the country,” he said.The Prime Minister should have used his executive power and prevented Raja from going ahead in the 2G allocation. “This was the only thing that Manmohan Singh did not do. But the PM had a superior authority who was none other than Sonia Gandhi. So if any one had to be blamed for the inaction, then it is Sonia Gandhi,” he said.Delivering more on the 2G scam, he said: “The 2G scam would at last reach Sonia Gandhi. Manmohan Singh is just being made a scapegoat for Sonia.” “Swamy also said that he would not rest untilUnion Home Minister P Chidambaram was made an accused in the case. Chidambaram was complicit in dubious spectrum pricing and gave free run to A Raja, he alleged. “As there is evidence against the involvement of Chidambaram in the issue, there should be a CBI investigation against Chidambaram,” he said.


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