Top spot on Tweets. SoniaFIR: Full text of Swamy’s complaint to police.


Top spot on Tweets. SoniaFIR: Full text of Swamy’s complaint to police.

Responses to “Dr Subramanian Swamy files complaint against Soniya Gandhi on Communal Violence Bill”

  1.  Kiran says:

    Very good case, Mischievous minds should be punished.

  2.  Kiran K.S. says:

    This FIR by Subramanian Swamy will likely be blacked out, like the April 2011 prosecution request by the same Swamy against the UPA coalition chief.

    But this FIR made to top trends on Twitter India today. Hundreds, if not thousands of tweeple tweeted the excerpts from this FIR with a #SoniaFIR tag.

    The collection below has about 1 hour’s worth of selected tweets during the same evening. Check it out:

  3.  Krishnan says:

    This foolish self-defeating pseudosecularism should end.

    Case in point, the percentage of Hindus in Pakistan has decreased from 11% to 1%, Bangladesh 41% to about 6% today whereas the percent of muslims in India has increased.

    Rajiv Malhotra explains why the Kashmir problem has remained unsolved all the while. A good read.

  4. Yada Yadah hi Dhramsya, Glanirbhavathi Bharatha, Abhyutthanam Adharmasya,Tadatmanam srijamyah Ahama 4.7 GITA
    (“Whenever there is decay, of righteousness O! Bharatha,And a rise of unrighteousness, then I manifest Myself!”)

    Praritranaya Sadhunam, Vinashaya Cha dushkritam,Dharamasansthapanarthaya,Sambhavami Yuge-Yuge.” 4.8 (GITA)
    (“For the protection of the good, for the destruc¬tion of the wicked and for the establishment of righteousness, I am born in every age.”)

  5. “Hindus may have their systems and every community has it but the discrimination was started by BRITISHERS to divide Hindus as they see that without division they would not rule india.thats why they had made distinctions between shudras and baishyas.kshatirya and Brahmin are also made to toe the line. The whole system was changed by them to keep shudras in inhuman conditions. Before British came what is the condition of all these castes? Before moguls what is their conditions. There was no discriminations among hindus.every caste is identified by their jobs. But no untouchably or discrimination was before British came and implemented their colonial agenda. Now congress is practising same agenda of British taught to congress by them to divide Hindus by caste creed race and rule for ever.”

  6. Just as we prepare to remember the 25th anniversary of the draconian event in free India’s history, a series of events and the government’s responses guided by 10 Janpath indicate what everyone always feared but never dared to suggest – the Emergency is back, it’s just in different colours.

  7.  Gabbar Singh says:

    ye politicians communally discriminate karte hai….

  8.  bipin says:

    hats of to swamy…..

  9.  hrr says:

    The draft bill as I went through What I felt is this.
    1 The majority Hindus are the perpetrators.
    2 The minority are the victims.
    3 The result a.any disturbance occurred will end up
    victimization of the majority.
    b.There will be scare among the
    human beings and man wants to live, the fundamental urge. This psychology of human beings has been applied to exploit the majority to voluntarily get converted and enter into the minority group to shout that the remaining majority as perpetrators.

Member, Action Committee Against Corruption in India (ACACI)

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