Anna Hazare’s fast is an unwitting harbinger of a revolution!

There are number of angles in this movement and each is true by itself though angles in themselves may seem to contradict one another. When such is the case an all inclusivity is playing a role for sure. The authors of the movement may or may not be aware of this, may or may not like this – but they are helpless in the fact that the deeper corruption malaise and the pent up anger of the people find expression in all movements of masses cutting across various strata of people. This does not help organizers such as Anna Team who might like to exclude something such as Hindu nationalism finding a place and platform to assert in these movements or on the other hand for the Congress to stage manage it to their favour.

The fact that the Congress Party is now going after the core-members of Anna’s Team after the fast has ended is clearly a defeat for the Congress and is an expression of their inability to hijack the movement in toto in their favour. The split in Anna’s Team with the fake ‘Swamy’ Agnivesh standing exposed and Anna himself sharpening his attack on the government particularly targeting P.Chidambaram are part of clear end products of the struggle that is sharpening the contradiction and defining the opponents. In other words the tete-a-tete between Anna’s Team and the government has ended!

This is what Anna Hazare’s fast has achieved and I congratulated him for that. We all know there is no bill that is yet a law and the Congress is busy attacking BJP and pinning the corruption label on them in all BJP ruled states and on ex-BJP minsters while using the CBI and ED to thwart the Supreme Court’s anger. The people’s wrath will see through this clearly thanks to Anna Hazare’s fast. It is certain that the Congress is a political dead meat and people know to wait for the Congress to come to them for vote. But if the Congress tries again its Indira tactics of emergency or the vote rigging using EVM as they did last time they will be in for a big surprise. That is the sort of revolution clearly on the cards depending on how the Congress wants to put up a fight. Apart from this the Congress is itself in disarray and on the verge of falling apart. If the SC agrees with Dr.Swamy to disqualify Sonia she would definitely not return to India. What we would then see is the jumping around of the chicken with its head cut off!

There is one other point I have to touch viz. the role of Muslims and Christians.

The concern expressed by the Mullahs were known to all of us and they stood isolated by their expression of disapproval from among the Muslim masses themselves let alone the Hindus. Here is an expression from the Christian side though it was said from outside the country as no one inside the country was prepared to bad mouth the movement.

Momentum for Hazare’s anticorruption movement draws out opposition


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