Surprise! No politician in cash-for-vote scandal – The Times of India

NEW DELHI: Delhi Police have claimed that they have not found evidence to establish the complicity of any politician in one of the country’s biggest political scandals: the allegation that bribes were paid in the July 2008 trust vote over the Indo-US nuclear deal. The Manmohan Singh government had won because of defections from the Opposition.

The status report that police have to submit to the Supreme Court on Wednesday is focused on the role of Sohail Hindustani, the alleged liaison between former SP leader Amar Singh and the three BJP MPs whom he allegedly tried to bribe. The report, sources said, stressed that the police had found no evidence yet that Hindustani was contacted by any politician.

Police started investigating afresh the allegation of MPs being bribed following a rebuke from Supreme Court. Responding to a PIL, the court took exception to Delhi Police’s lethargy in investigating the sensational case of political corruption. Its response to the findings, although preliminary, of the police will be worth watching.

The UPA government had been forced to take the trust vote and scout for support from outside after 61 members belonging to Left in the Lok Sabha pulled out to protest against the PM’s insistence on going ahead with the
nuclear deal.

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